Resin Bocce Ball
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  • - 107mm Phenalic Resin Bocce balls
  • - Professional grade bocce balls
  • - A beautifully designed all wood case with a walnut veneer finish
  • - Heavy duty hemp rope handle
  • - Oil rubbed bronze hardware
  • - Built-in bottle opener
  • - Includes: 1 wood case, 8 bocce balls, 1 pallino
  • - Recommended for outdoor use only
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How to Play


Throw your bocce balls closer to the pallino than your opponent.

Beginning your game

  • 1.Divide into two, even teams of 1-4 players, and assign the orange/yellow balls to one team and the blue/green balls to the other.
    (Hint: Other than establishing teams, the color of the balls does not affect game play or scoring)
  • 2.The winner of a coin toss becomes Team A and starts the game.

Let the good times roll

  • 1.To start the game, Team A throws the pallino.
    (Hint: a longer throw will increase the difficulty of the game)
  • 2.Team A then throws (or bowls) their first bocce ball, trying to get it as close to the pallino as possible.
  • 3.Then, Team B bowls their first bocce ball, trying to get closer to the pallino than Team A. Team B continues bowling until their ball is closest to the pallino or until they have used all 4 balls.
  • 4.Play then switches to Team A where they bowl until their ball is closest to the pallino or until they have thrown all 4 balls.
  • 5.Play continues switching between Team A and Team B in this manner until all 8 bocce balls have been thrown.

Advanced Game Tip:
Using your bocce ball to hit other balls or the pallino into a more favorable position is allowed and encouraged in advanced play.

And the winner is...

Whichever team has a ball closest to the Pallino is the “In” team, and they are the only team that scores that round. The “In” team earns 1 point for every ball that is closer to the pallino than the closet ball of the opposing (or “Out”) team. The “In” team can earn 1-4 points per round.

If balls from opposing teams are the same distance from the pallino, it is considered a draw and no points are awarded for these balls.

The “In” team (or winner) of the round starts the next round (or a coin toss for a draw). Play continues in rounds until one team reaches 12 points.

Red has the closest 2 balls to the Pallino. Team 1 wins this end and recieves 2 points. Team 2 scores 0 points, and the other points do not effect the score.

Team 1’s yellow ball is the closest to the Pallino. The next closest ball is team two’s blue ball. Team 1 has won this end and recieves 1 point. The blue ball serves as defense, scoring 0 points but preventing green from getting more. The other balls do not effect the score here.

Team 2 has the closest 3 balls to the pallino. Team 2 has won this end and receives 3 points. The red ball serves as a defense, scoring 0 points but preventing Team 2 from scoring a fourth.